Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Budget travel tips to Uganda

Memorial Days kick off the summer travel season, and according to travel booking websites more than three-quarters of people in the world are planning to take a summer/tour vacation. To ensure your hard-earned travel dollars go as far as they can, here are some under the radar money saving tips that will be much more helpful most especially traveling on a self drive in Uganda.
  1. Call before booking online. Making travel arrangements through the Internet may be convenient, but it doesn't always guarantee you the best deal. Calling the agent you’re a going to use and talking one on one may be an added advantage for much more discounts, they will think you’re a serious client who really needs to use their services thus discounts and money saving on your side. Ask to speak to a tour consultant in charge the reception may not be able to cut you this deal but the in charge should be able to give you the best deals.This strategy can work with airline tickets, hotel reservations, and car rental and activity bookings. Usually all the things are available if you dig deep into it even if they say they do not availability on line, A call may be another expense but it saves you a lot more than 10 buks for a call. A Call for a booking is a secret deal for your travel.
  1. Go against your traveler type. Another way to save on hotel stays and car rental is to choose properties that are less crowded and thus have an incentive to discount their rooms. Choose hotel that are much crowded in the weekends for weekdays and vice versa. Here you will get good deals , however there are places with not much options because they are the only ones in those places like game parks , in this case use your tour agents to book for you as they get discounts, offer to rent a car from them so that they pass on the discounts for the lodges. They're always looking for clients so they'll offer really good deals. In cases of a car rental move out of your comfort zone and choose something cheaper like the Toyota rav4  instead of a Toyota land cruiser, they all offer the same confront just that the cruiser is big. Traveling during off-season is another way to capitalize on lower hotel and car rental prices thanks to supply and demand.
  1. Ask about re positioning flights or cruises.Airlines use re positioning flights to move aircraft from one airport to another, and the same applies to cruise lines, which typically re position ships twice a year. These flights or cruises tend to be cheaper but provide services similar to traditional offerings,
  2. Follow the disaster. Most tourists think that traveling to places where there was some disaster is risky, yes this may be risky depending on the type of disaster that happened there, however this may be the best place for you to travel cheaply because of the disaster they had they want to move back on track thus offering cheap facilities as good as at the original price. Government subsidized the trips to encourage tourism for example for years gorilla permits in Uganda were at 450 dollars in the low season if someone used this opportunity this would reduce your coast of permits by 150 dollars. People take Africa to be much more back ward and violent precisely Uganda where a lot has been said about it given to our history however this is not true and we have a lot to offer you cheaply.
  3. Consider alternate airports.Instead of defaulting to the closest – or biggest – airport, consider others nearby. Flying to different destinations straight may be expensive but if you go through other it may e cheaper given the fact that you will have stop over’s in different countries.
Moving on a self-drive or guided trips to Uganda may be very cheap if you follow some of the tips above, this is as cheap as 600 dollars per person for 7 days.

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