Thursday, 5 October 2017

Useful Information about car rental in Uganda.

Generally, car rental in Uganda is often thought of in times of travel. It is a special way to have your drive across this nation. Travelers occasionally use car rental services compared to other means of transport in Uganda due to its speed and easy accessibility in Uganda. Over the years car rental in Uganda has boosted to due to self drive as a major service offered. Travelers find themselves in request for other services like booking accommodation services, camping gear services and airport transfers services. Travelers find it difficult to obtain the above-mentioned services as individuals because of bureaucracy involved so car rental agencies in Uganda act as agents to access them easily.

 Despite the happiness and joy expected from the journey, this article informs us some important information to know about car rental in Uganda. Travelers expected to come to Uganda are to be informed about different means of transport to use and where to find them in Uganda. Below is some information to know about car rental in Uganda.

Car rates and vehicles in Uganda. The rates to rent a car in Uganda are not so alarming. They are affordable and negotiable. They range from USD 45 and above for a single. Car rental companies do not calculate the rate per distance covered like other firms in the same business do, like the uber services in Uganda.

The cars in Uganda are generally serviced to keep in good condition. They are air-conditioned and clean inside to give a good atmosphere of driving. Most of the cars in Uganda are Japan imported that are 4x4WD to maneuver the terrain hills and valleys in Uganda. The commonly used cars in Uganda and their rates are listed below.
 USD 48
 USD 45
 USD 80
 USD 75
 USD 80
 USD 80
 USD 150
 USD 145
 USD 200
 USD 190

1. High season is Mid 15th June to mid-15th October and mid-15th Dec to Mid-15th Feb
2. The prices above are quoted for car rental only per day, this excludes fuel and guide. In any case you need camping equipments and driver guide.

Parking and fuel refills. When you opt to rent a car in Uganda and opt to self drive in Uganda, be reminded of the fuel prices. The fuel rates in Uganda are not standard like the European countries. There is a small difference in their rates with the common used fuel stations like Shell and Total. Always car rental companies do not give out their car with tank. It is the responsibility of the traveler to make sure that the car’s fuel tank is enough to complete the journey he/she is supposed to travel. In addition, they advised to carry some containers in case the fuel got finished up mid-way.

Lastly are the traffic rules and regulations. All travelers expected to have a self-drive in Uganda are required to comply with the traffic rules in Uganda. While behind the wheels, they are to carry a valid driver’s license for citizens in Uganda and a valid International driving permit. The rules of traffic in Uganda are similarly to that of the British traffic rule. Some of the rules include driving on the left hand side, do not over speed, and do not drive under the influence of alcohol. As you keep, the rules on the road keep in mind the traffic road signs not to be victims to Uganda’s police force.

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