Saturday, 25 February 2017

8 reasons to Rent a Car for Self Drive Safaris in Uganda

Car rental for self drive safaris is a magical option for most inspirational journeys in Uganda and most parts of Africa. Uganda is still a so virgin country full of un-ending incredible adventures. From Rafting on the longest river in the world, spectacular and fascinating countryside with unending lush green vegetation, rolling hills and landscapes, incredible game for safaris, diverse cultural experiences, the ever growing birdlife, boat cruises, mountain hiking and yes meeting the most friendliest people in Africa as well tasting on our healthy local meals. Safari experts at Auto Rental Uganda will bring the undoubtable to reality, they will take you off the normal tourist routes, places where others never reach to discover because thats what we pride ourselves into

Here are 8 reasons why you should hire a car for self Drive Safaris in Uganda to enjoy your time in these beautiful lands.

·         Very friendly and affordable safari car rentals. Whatever your budget is, car rental agencies like Auto Rental Uganda or car rental Uganda will always be part in offering very affordable car hire rates. Be it a budget Toyota Rav4 or a tough utilitarian 4x4 car is still for an inspirational journey.

·         Well maintained cars.  Because we understand that you need value for your money and prefer a non hindered trip, because we also have a special attachment to our cars we make sure we perfectly maintain and service our vehicles for uninterrupted trips.

·         The feeling for self discovery. We understand how some of you prefer being behind the wheels and yes how you love self discovery. Car rental for self drive safaris is just the idea you can opt for an inspirational journey in Uganda.

·         Discounts on long term rentals. Renting a car for self drive in Uganda on a long period of time comes with rental benefits. There is a possibility of discounted offers on these long term rentals with many car rental agencies.

·         Professional safari Guides.  If you prefer to sit back and let the insightful and experienced driver guide take on the wheels, then yes. Renting a car with Driver is an amazing experience that you can still maintain your own trail or drive at your own pace.

·         No Hidden costs: Trust me there are never any hidden costs in car rental Prices and quotes. Usually the rental price by the trusted car rental agencies given to you includes comprehensive and some basics to aid a self drive safari.

·         Airport Transfers.  Normally many trusted car rental agencies like Auto Rental Uganda will always offer free airport transfers and free car drop off at any of your locations. Other companies would charge a little for the service however you won’t be able to fall a victim of the airport taxi confusion and either way never meet airport transfer fees.

·         Paying On Arrival.  After you arrive and yes after you see the vehicle for approval. There is no way you will receive a car that you didn’t book. This is more convenient for Some of the independent travelers who need value for their money.

·         What you book is what you get: What you prefer on the home page and book is what you receive when you arrive. Get inspired with the right car you booked and have it approved. Usually the first impression to a self drive safari is the rented 4x4 vehicle.

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