Sunday, 8 May 2016

Why The Pearl Of Africa - Uganda

In this small country has been gathered together numerous graphic examples of earth shaping of uphill, volcanic mayhem of rift valley that were made years ago. These shapes and earth processes have resulted into the most beautiful scenery in the world that harbors not only Ugandans but also the closest animal to the humans all in the primate category. 

Large tracts of virgin forests, gentle dry plans in the north, wetter west, with large areas of essentially untouched natural wilderness to settled landscapes. Qualities like these go some way towards explaining how awesome it is for anyone in the world love to tour Uganda on a self drive safari because he/she can be able to find everything they need to satisfy their inclinations without feeling the necessity of travelling elsewhere.
Most people come to Uganda for the mountain gorillas but end up beating higher their expectations than they thought given the short itinerary they had, end up coming back for more and yes surely Uganda keeps you yarning for more and more. No dought it is the pearl of Africa.

Oh yes you haven’t noticed that we have one of the largest ethnic tribes in Uganda speaking over 40 local languages. Being a British colony and somewhat governed by monarchs, Uganda is no doubt diverse cultural encounter destination. Traditional encounters and sites around Kampala like the kasubi tombs, the Uganda matyrs shrine, the bahai faith temple, the Iddi Amin monument. You do not want to miss this. Do you?

Historical sites like the Nyero rock paintings and wamala tombs that date about 6000 years back still new and astonishing as you would expect. The great sceneries you blur about as you transverse the highways to different destinations always leave you Aww’ing.

Uganda is not selling the wild life to be on top but Uganda has all the tourism sector needs to be on top. From the breath taking waters of Lake Victoria that welcome you with a cool breeze from the airport to the big Nile patch that is as big as you from the same waters, relaxing at the beach, wake up to the birds singings in the morning. The food in all ways and delicacies, music and traditional dance and the famous Uganda waraji the best gin you can ever find. Lets call it the famous Banana gin. The most friendly people in the whole world willing to express all they can to make sure that you have a blast at no extra cost.

It’s not about what we have to offer as a country but about what you want as a visitor. Name it get it in Uganda, wild life like antelopes, the famous and elusive climbing lions, Mountain Gorillas, giraffe, leopards, snakes, a thousand bird species namely the famous shoebill, crested crane and ibis. The Flora and fauna that natures vegetation. Landscapes_ Mountains like Rwenzori and Elgon have the best terrain with tropical rainforests. These land scapes have hills that are used for grazing, planting and cultural rituals. Under Neath your eagle there is an endless story, there is what you have been looking for and all the things you deserve for traveling in Uganda for a trip on a self drive in uganda or guided safari in Uganda. Because in Uganda everything is a must have.

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