Sunday, 23 August 2015

A Uganda - Rwanda self drive safari

Do you want to create your own tour in Uganda or Rwanda, Is it a particular tourist attraction you want to or special destination you would like to visit. Given the short distance between Uganda and Rwanda all the tailor made itinneries are made to enable you travel to both countries and have an incredible self drive safari in Uganda and rwanda

Stretched across the equator, a rising out natural environment full of beauty and freshness, Uganda is a hugely rewarding place to travel given the country’s diverse geography that has resulted into a great range of natural habitats. A stunning variety of mammals, birds, forests, lakes and rivers, mountains and the human beings are being sheltered by motherland Uganda.

On the other hand at the mention of Rwanda to anybody, they will remember memories of the awful genocide that brutalized not only the people but also the animals and everything in this country in 1994. Though there are some scars running deep in Rwanda, the country has done so much by strategically getting nature back at its best given Rwanda having a lush country with rolling hills and stunning scenery to showcase commonly refered to as the land of a thousand hills.

Uganda being a land locked country can also be accessed by land from the neighbouring countries of Kenya, Tanzania Congo and or Rwanda.  So from Rwanda or Uganda we will tailor your self drive car hire  safari to your individual needs, taking your special wishes into account and never lose sight of the tiniest detail. From the moment you step out of the plane, we have taken care of everything. Your accommodation is booked, the activities are arranged and your guide will be waiting for you. 

 This has been done by promoting cultural tourism in region among the two states of Rwanda and Uganda. These attractions in Rwanda include Nyungwe village, Butaro Village, Mutara Village and the Batwa Village that is shared with Ugandan Batwa trial. The volcanoes to see gorillas and as you enter Uganda from the south to the Bwindi impenetrable forests for the largest gorilla families, tree climbing lions of queen Elizabeth, mountains’ of the moon, chimpanzee trekking in kibaale to the most wildest animals of kidepo valley, Murchison and water rafting at the Nile. These entire places still exhibit the ancient life style of the people animals and nature. 

Therefore enjoy the best of your cultural trip, gorilla trips, national parks, mountains and waters in both of these countries and be part of the natives, this is the best way to enjoy your trip by engaging in different lifestyles of different countries at the same time. Whether your on a self drive car hire in Uganda or Rwanda, you will absolutely have a once in a lifetime wildlife encounter and country experience.

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