Sunday, 12 July 2015

Getting good results with your car rental in Uganda

Self drive in Uganda or preferably calling it self guided car hire in Uganda is one of the current trending ways of adventuring this pearl of Africa. There are actually many wayslike taking a full paid activity package with a guide driver and get directed to each and every activity. Renting a car in Uganda being a trending behaviour and mostly done by second-time or return visitors to the country is one that gives you the freedon to manouver the roads and guide yourself throughout the coutry. However is veryimportant on how to get the best out of your self guided car hire in Uganda. It all starts with the booking.

Searching the internet. Take sometime to research on most of the car rental sites in Uganda. Keywords like car rental in uganda, self drive Uganda or car hire Uganda will get you some of the best result car rental sites to deal with. Always make sure you type and search the the words relevant to car rental with the country name inclusive. 

Choosing the best car rentalin Uganda. Making a discision among the many results you get is one of a challenge but here is a way to do it. Yes the first second and third results are usually nice car hire agencies but that shouldn’t limit you on going far down the results to pick another. Usually the top listed companies have been in business and are always assured of clients but forget to give time to the rest. The cars could be taken already and you could get yourself a last resort vehicle since the nice ones are taken already. Those down listed are car rental agencies with nice new fleet reserved for new customers. So you could land yourself a nice jeep/car at the best prices ever.

Do away with international brands. Yes we understand the need to travel with international brands like avis, hertz, budget that are international known but you forget that local companies offer the same cars and services at the best prices ever. More to that, the local companies actually have the local knowldgeof the country more than international investors. So here you actually have a great deal with the local listed self drive 4x4 car hire Uganda agencies.

Make the car part of you or like your own. In many cases when you hire a car and pay, you seem to have been cheated or had that for free. You tend to drive recklessly and don’t care you have a journey to take. Yes if the car breaksdown, it will be repaired by the company or replaced but did you consider the time spent stranded because its your fault. When you make the car hired part of you, you take good care of it, you will definetly have a successfull trip with your car rental in Uganda.

Have a litle knowledge about cars. Its not advisable to go on a self drive in Uganda if you don’t know the simple car instructions to get you out of breakdown. Things like checking and balancing the tire pressure, checking engine oil, water and other fluids of the car. Radiator water may reduce and car cant start and here you are calling your car rental agency 1000 miles away for a rescue problem when you would just get water,fill the radiator and there you proceed. This can make it worse if the phones called can’t go through because of the poor reception upcountry and there your stuck for hours. There are other few issues you need to know before you decide to go for a self drive car hire in Uganda. If you want to stay away from such hustle, you can hire a driver guide at an extra few dollars to get you going on the road in such circumstances.

Safety. Just as always enfasised on every briefing, always make sure safety in your Uganda car rental is a priority. Check car regulary,pack in well designated places, lock car when packed, avoid driving in the dark, always  wear a seat belt, follow road signs and speed limits. With adherace, you will absolutely get the best Ugandan car hire results. Nevr take your life for granted, protect it and your self drive car hire Uganda will be incredibly amazing.

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