Saturday, 20 December 2014


Envision, exploring, encountering and experiencing.  A trip with Auto Rental Uganda car hire agency that was full of fun and excitement “being in the African shoes” a mixture of culture, wildlife safaris, encountering the great apes, the gorillas, hiking the Uganda mountains, spectacular sceneries, traditional encounters, meeting the most friendliest people in Africa, visited African homes, markets not forgetting tasting the most delicious traditional food cooked by an African woman, Talk of all what Uganda has to offer, simone and Gadi got it all.

This trip was already exciting months before the trip started, Yes these clients from isreal, the birth land of Jesus were excited to coming to Uganda just because of the many things they read about Uganda and couldn’t wait, their supposed guide myself Alex Guma Tibanyendera, they read about as well including my past reviews by past clients on internet before they came to Uganda. They already had all the information regarding their 18 days wildlife and birds guide, it was suprising that they knew how I looked like, they identified me even before they read the post card I was carrying bearing their names.. “yess you are Guma”  they said. 

Myself the guide and the tour consultant, on the 26thnov.2014 met and picked the clients from the airport Simone and Gadi singer. Smiles and excitement were all over their faces as we welcomed them to the pearl of Africa. After a short briefing, we head out to kamapla, just after 6 kms from the airport on the highway to kampala, as i drive and making an introduction to kampala and Uganda just passed the shores of lake victoria, i overheard simone keep saying a word in her language which I never understood well since it was a new language to me, but got hold of the word thou.

We proceeded to kampala where we did several stops around kampala city tour as we headed to bukoto a city suburb to meet school children and to deliver some necessities and school equipments they had brought over just as we find the school on holiday end of year party. This we all joined and enjoyed became part of the school kids, we danced to the Ugandan music, laughed and shared on the kids soft drinks and party cake., it drizzled on us but couldn’t feel the rain and that dint ditter us from partying with the kids in the open drizzling sky. We got cold but couldn’t miss the fun, anyone out there knows how kids can be fun and how you can never get enough of them. This was until 8pm when we decided to leave and check the clients into the hotel at Humura hotel close to the city centre, a hotel that is in the midrange category a double room, dinner, bed and breakfast refered to as half board. But its one hotel worth spending a night while in kampala if you don’t mind spending alittle more.  It was an amazing welcome to the pearl of Africa, for day one. After check in, i brief them about the next day and our most awaited trip that was intended to start moving down to the south of Uganda a place they say is the mother of pearl if Uganda is the pearl of Africa.

For just a simple beginning of a trip, the 12 hours we spent that day was worth a good welcoming, what would you expect for the rest of the trip? It was amazing, spectacular or I will leave you follow me on the next article as I write about every detail of this trip that gives you not only at a low cost with your car hire service.
………………………………………………………..To be continued

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